Singing and Acting classes for kidsWhy we focus on Singing AND Acting skills

At Exitleft we know that Singers need to tell stories, which is why developing acting skills is important and actors need to be able to use their voices, which is best developed through learning singing.

Many people believe the ability to memorise and deliver lines and songs makes them a performer. But when you consider that it’s a task that kids in Kindergarten can do, you realise that this is just a tiny part of performing. To become a truly outstanding performer you need to take your audience on a journey into the world you are creating, with your words and actions.

One of the reasons that Exitleft has such a high success rate with students going on to university study at the VCA, WAPPA, NIDA and the Arts Academy, is the way we teach our students from a young age to immerse themselves into the character and tell the story rather than just recite the lines.

Part of this is learning to become self aware, working as a team, developing facial expression and body movement and building the confidence to step outside their own ‘persona’ into another character. 

Every aspect of our Singing and Acting classes are carefully structured, with a view to producing the best possible educational, developmental and performance outcomes, while inspiring and engaging our students. The standard structure of our performance classes includes a physical warm-up, technique exercises, acting games, stagecraft skills and learning a variety of content.

As students progress you will see their performances become better and better as they gain confidence and understanding of how their body works and how to use their skills to the best of their ability.

Having skills in both singing and acting means that students can take advantage of being involved with both musicals and plays with the Academy, their school and in the wider community. We find they also end up being unafraid to get up to present to their peers and lead projects at school.

We love working with Drama Notebook for our plays and scripts.

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IGNITE (K-2) Classes
4-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & 10:30-11:30am Saturdays

ACCELERATE (Gr3-6) Classes
4-5:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Bonus Advanced Singing Class 4-5pm Wednesdays
Bonus Musical Program 5-6:30pm Wednesdays

BLAZE (Gr7-12) Classes
5:30-7pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Bonus Advanced Singing Class 4-5pm Wednesdays
Bonus Musical Program 6-7:30pm Wednesdays