Some of the common questions parents ask about our Toddler Tunes programSome of the common questions parents ask about our Toddler Tunes program

Is it every week?

Babies and Toddlers get the most benefit from music class when they come along on a regular basis. Songs are introduced over five weeks so that families can take the time to learn the songs and actions. For little ones getting used to the space, learning when to bounce around with a song and when to sit quietly and listen can take some time. Coming along each week sees your child becomes comfortable and excited about joining in and start to reap the benefits that musical education brings for this age.

Toddler Tunes runs for 10 weeks lining up with the school terms. Enrolment is ongoing and will automatically continue each new term. Families are also welcome to join at any stage in the term with fees are adjusted to reflect your start date!

What happens if you can’t make it? 

We know that life can get tricky, so if you can’t attend one session you can come along to one of the other classes in that week (at any of our locations). There is also no problem for you to change to an alternate day/time if your schedule changes.

If you are heading away for three or more weeks just let us know via email and we will arrange to adjust your account.

Can we try it out and see if we like it?

We have found over the years that young children need time to settle in to class. As you can imagine they are meeting the teachers, getting comfortable in the space and learning how to join in. For babies and toddlers a music class can often be their first experience of participating in an activity with others. Often our parents will set up a routine that creates a morning outing, heading to the local coffee shop or park for a morning tea afterward.

The best way to experience Toddler Tunes is by coming along and trying out the classes for a term. Give them a chance to get comfortable and encourage them to learn what do by copying your actions as you become their best role model by leading the way!

Is my child old enough?

Babies and toddlers learn to talk by hearing adults and other children talking to them. Exposing them to lots of different words, emotions and memories builds a rich language they can draw from when they start to communicate. Studies show that music and play are some of the keys to unlocking communication skills in the brain.

Our youngest ever student was just 4 days old when they first started coming along! Being so small he was just an observer for the first 18 months as he took everything in. But as he grew big enough to move and talk he began to participate, singing the words, feeling the beat and joining in with all the actions.

“The earlier a child … comes to grips with music, the more the brain growth will be influenced. It sets them up for life.” Dr Richard Letts, Music Council of Australia.

My child is 4, are they too old?

Children make a huge developmental leap between preschool and Kindergarten. Learning how to join in, follow instructions and when to listen are key skills that a program like Toddler Tunes helps to build. Our program follows the play-based learning that the government’s early years learning framework has established as a foundation for early childhood learning. For children who are 4 but not yet in Kindergarten the half hour Toddler Tunes sessions are a great way to develop their social skills and prepare them for school.

Once they are in Kindergarten students can Ignite their singing and acting skills with our after school performing arts classes. Learn more.

Toddler Tunes – Music, stories and play

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Toddler Tunes Class Times:

Tuesday 9:30am Glenorchy, 10:30am Hobart
Wednesday 9:30am Hobart, 10:30am Kingston
Thursday 9:30am Hobart, 9:30am Kingston
Friday 9:30am Hobart,10:30am Kingston
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