An outstanding performing arts program


We know your kids will love it here

When our students talk to their friends about ‘doing ExitLeft’ you know they feel right at home. Our aim is to develop confident kids, stimulate creativity and build strong leadership and communication skills. The ExitLeft community builds lifelong friends, a love of music and a passion for performance.

We develop everyone’s skills – how to sing, act and play – starting with the basics: good technique and an understanding of style, through to how to perform with confidence.

There are no auditions for our general classes because if your child is passionate about the performing arts, ‘doing ExitLeft’ will teach them to be amazing!

At the ExitLeft Performance Academy we foster outgoing, energetic and creative individuals who can succeed in any area they choose. We do this through our outstanding performing arts program that focuses on developing the voice, body and imagination to teach students how to work as a team, develop communication skills and become creative on demand.

Students have a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year and can expand their skills through extension classes and personalised lessons in voice, piano and guitar.

Our vision is to raise the standard of education for all Tasmanians through engagement in the performing arts


What you’ll love about ExitLeft Performance Academy

  1. It feels like a family

    The best performers are those who make other actors look good. This mindset of working as a team promotes making friends and helps kids feel safe. As students get older the Academy becomes like a second home where they can drop in anytime and hang with their friends.

  2. Creativity is encouraged

    In the professional world, people are often given incredibly short deadlines and expected to perform on the spot. We take this same principle and teach our students the tools required to deliver confident performances with any material. As a result students can happily put together a confident, high-level performance in just a few days.

  3. There are no auditions

    It’s easy to make yourself look like a fantastic teacher if you only choose the best kids. We provide the core techniques and skills underpinning good singing and acting, and teach the tricks to create professional performances. Our students do incredibly well in exams and eisteddfods and you can see a consistent level of skill throughout the Academy.

  4. Huge egos are banned

    So many times in the performing arts you will see arrogance and a belief that ‘I am the best’. We actively discourage this entitled thinking, instead focusing on students supporting and encouraging each other, and pushing each other to be better. Feedback from the national VCA auditions over the past few years has shown ‘ExitLeft kids’ stand out because they are amazing yet down to earth, easy to work with, and willing to try anything.

  5. You can become an amazing performer

    It takes at least a thousand hours to become proficient in a skill and another ten thousand hours to become a professional. Many people will comment a student is ‘so talented’ when what actually makes an amazing performer is passion + learning. Our unique class model and mix of performance opportunities means our students are fast-tracked along this path.

“If a child studies music constantly over a period of time, they do better in school in all sorts of ways, including academically and socially”

Music Council of Australia

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A student’s perspective

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Step into the Spotlight

Real world performances give our students the edge

“The best two years of my life! I have made friends that feel like family and I feel like a stronger and a more confident person because of this amazing place”

Grade 7 student

A distinguished list of Alumni


Antarctica, Tasmanian Theatre Company


First Date the musical, Chapel off Chapel


Peppa Pig international tour, Lifelike Touring


Australian premiere, Muriel’s Wedding


My Fair Lady, Opera Australia.


Lead singer of Empire Park.


Member of the Seven Sopranos.


Philip Humphrey, Chloe Honig, Lisa Thomas, Noah Casey and more

ExitLeft is Tasmania’s premier theatrical events company

Producers of the State’s biggest theatre shows

ExitLeft produces the big shows, popular entertainment and cutting edge theatre, all with our trademark quality and style. The company provides corporate entertainment, production management, direction, music and choreography services, and runs the ExitLeft Performance Academy.

A show for any event

From soloists to a choir, mini-theatre performance or children’s show, ExitLeft provides a variety of entertainment options for business, government or community events. One of our most popular acts is THE SCALLYWAGS, Australia’s hottest new act aimed at the younger generation. The Scallywags take children on fun-filled adventures that capture little imaginations. Why not let us create the perfect show for your event?

From Cats to The Sound of Music

We have Costumes and Theatre Sets from many of our past shows, and Grand Pianos and wireless microphones, available for theatre companies, colleges and schools to hire for shows or large events. For more information please contact us directly.