“See your tiny pirate, princess or superheros eyes light up as they go on a bear hunt, giggle as they fly around the room and laugh out loud at the silly animals on old MacDonalds farm!”

Welcome to a magical half hour of music and fun for parents and little ones from birth to four years. Our Toddler Tunes program sees your child’s communication develop, social skills being built, and confidence increased in a fun relaxed environment.

Toddler Tunes is play-based music classes for Parents and little ones 0-4 years of age. From birth to two years babies will observe and listen. Then as their physical and vocal skills develop you can see them start to join in, copying the teacher and their parents with actions and sounds.

From three to four years toddlers develop an understanding of the stories and songs and start to assert their individuality. Their language develops through familiar songs and stories and they love singing, dancing and showing off!

Babies and Toddlers get the most benefit from music class when they come along on a regular basis so Toddler Tunes runs each week during the school terms. A new theme each lesson brings a sparkle to their eyes, waiting for what will happen next! Learn more…


“We joined toddler tunes a year ago, when Eleanor was 3 and Joe 3 months. It took about 3 sessions for her to settle in and since then it has been the highlight of our week. Joe from very early on knew that was the morning of excitement, and wouldn’t sleep from 6am until the end of the class, a big stretch for a 3 month old. He has started ‘singing’ from very early on. Now I bring him to bed at night and usually hear him singing ‘we’re going up’ or ‘rolling rolling rolling just like this’. Eleanor’s speech and timbre has certainly been positively affected by toddler tunes. For me the morning is great as it gives us something to look forward to as a full morning outing with the bus trip there and coffee after with other parents.” – Anna, Parent

“My little boy just loves to play the piano at the end of the class!”


Toddler Tunes is available for your school, childcare centre, or Launch into Learning session. It is a great introduction to music and in particular, the program has been developed to work on speech development and play-based learning outcomes for under fours. If you coordinate or teach within the early childhood education framework we would love to discuss bringing our music specialists to your class. Contact Principal Ian Williams on 0408 145 898 or
info at


“Music ignites all areas of a child’s development from intellectual, social and emotional, motor and language skills. Essentially it helps the body and mind work together. Research has shown that the younger children start participating in music the more beneficial it will be to a child’s development, including their speech and reading skills later in life” – Ian Williams, Principal



“Is my child to young to participate? What age should I bring them?”

The Toddler Tunes music program was originally conceived as a program to engage with Aboriginal mothers and their pre-school children. 

Following on from the initial success, Exitleft Principal Ian Williams has developed a unique program that uses traditional songs, nursery rhymes and fairytales that appeal to children’s sense of adventure while ensuring parents find familiar songs they are comfortable to join in with. 

Over the past seven years, thousands of families have been touched by the classes with parents and educators seeing the benefits of music on their development as children head to school for the first time.

“She loves listening to the story and talks about it all the way home”