Singing and Dancing ClassesI love my music class, Mummy
but I won’t tell you that

“The first time I go to class I might sit and watch or wander around the room.

I will look like I am distracted or not paying attention.

But this is the first time I’ve been here and there are all sorts of exciting things to see and touch. I’ve not played on a grand piano before, there are cuddly toys to play with and new spaces to crawl into. I am listening to the music and checking out all the faces of all the new people I’ve never met before.

The next few weeks might be the same. I see that the kids and parents are copying the teacher and you might be trying to help me do the same. You introduce me to my toes and help me touch them in the right part of the song.

Each week as I learn the songs I gradually realise what actions go with them. I love to watch the teachers mouth see the shape and hear the sounds for each word. If you sing along I can watch you and the others in the class to help me make the shapes.

Listening to the music I hear the beat and my body wants to move. As I get older I love to dance, wiggle and jump. I might do none of this in class, but if you listen to me at home I might randomly start singing and doing actions while I play.

I might not sing in class but love to splash the ducks in and out of the duck pond. My favourite animal might be the scary crocodile. I might be silent during the class but tell you all about today’s storybook which was my favourite.

Then one day, when you least expect it, something will click!  This day I will sing every song, join in with all the actions and follow all the directions. You will be blown away by my joy and laughter and listening to all that I have learned when you thought I was not paying attention.

I love my music class so much, Mummy!”

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Toddler Tunes Class Times:

Tuesday 9:30am Glenorchy, 10:30am Hobart
Wednesday 9:30am Hobart, 10:30am Kingston
Thursday 9:30am Hobart, 9:30am Kingston
Friday 9:30am Hobart, 10:30am Kingston
Saturday 9:30am Hobart