We don’t audition kids

We don’t audition kids

Overheard at the City of Hobart Singing Eisteddfod this week… “They don’t even audition their kids, they take anyone”.

Yes. It’s true. We don’t audition potential students and we are very proud of this!

We are artists who teach confidence, communication and creativity through the performing arts.

So often as kids grow up there is a demand to be the best, with competition and social pressure coming at them from all sides. We want to instill in our students the confidence to deal with all that life throws at them, to feel comfortable in their own skin and to know  there is a place they can feel at home. When you look at it from this point of view, singing well is a bonus.

But they do sing well. Really well.

The shy six-year-old who can barely hold a tune will sound amazing at 18. All of our students do.

Why? Because we don’t audition them. We teach them.

Every single student who stood on the Federation Concert Hall and Town Hall stages to perform last week did a fantastic job and we are justifiably proud of them all!