The ExitLeft Performance Academy operates with the Ezidebit payment system. We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions for you.

What is Direct Debit?
Direct Debit is a means of payment where you give permission to a company to collect an agreed amount of funds from your Bank Account, Credit Union, Building Society or Credit Card. Your payments happen automatically once the timing, amount, and frequency for paying your bills are established and once the direct debit form has been signed.

Why is our business implementing Direct Debit?
Direct Debit is the preferred method of payment for fees. It provides a secure and convenient payment method for customers while reducing the time we spend on administration so we can provide a better level of service to you.

Why has our business partnered with Ezidebit?
Ezidebit is the leading direct debit billing company in Australia and they have been reliably debiting accounts for over ten years. We rely on their excellent service to give customers peace of mind:

  • Ezidebit is fully sponsored with Westpac
  • Ezidebit is a licensed commercial agent and is one of the only debiting companies in Australia with an Australian Financial Services License
  • Ezidebit is registered with Fair Trading Queensland
  • Funds collected are held in a secure trust control account
  • Ezidebit is audited by ASIC annually

Why pay by Direct Debit?
Direct Debiting your bill saves time and gives you the peace of mind to focus on other things, without the hassle of bill stress or worrying about forgetting to pay. Ezidebit transactions are cheaper than using cheques, paying for postage, withdrawing cash over the counter and paying fees every time you withdraw cash from ATMs. You don’t need to do anything other than ensure your account has enough funds to cover the payment when it’s due.

How do I sign up for Direct Debit?
We will contact you to sign up over the phone. You will then be sent a confirmation email from Ezidebit.

Can I get a reminder before the Direct Debit payment is processed?
Yes – payment reminders can be sent automatically via SMS to the mobile phone number you supply if requested.

What if I decide to change banks or credit cards?
Simply advise ExitLeft and we will update your new account details in the system.

Is it safe to pay my bills by Direct Debit?
Direct Debit is one of the safest ways to pay your bills, especially with Ezidebit. Ezidebit is PCI Compliant, maintaining the gold standard in data security. By paying with Direct Debit, you reduce your paper trail and opportunity for personal information to be accessed.

Will this give our business access to your account?
No. Direct Debit does not give anyone access to your account. Direct Debit merely authorises Ezidebit to request and process payments from your bank as agreed.

What if I have a question regarding my account – can I stop my Direct Debit?
If you have any questions on your account, you can call ExitLeft to discuss. Ideally, we would like to resolve your query while speaking with you. If this is not the case, we can deactivate your Direct Debit processing.

What if I don’t have enough money in my account to cover the Direct Debit payment?
If you do not have enough funds, the transaction will fail which requires additional administration and yields additional bank costs. Unfortunately, Ezidebit is unable to absorb these costs and applies an $11.90 fee for these failed transactions. This fee is debited 7 days after the failed payment. If you have provided a valid mobile phone number, you will be notified of this dishonour via SMS. Should this situation occur, you will need to contact ExitLeft to provide an alternative payment to avoid exclusion.

How can I reconcile a problem with a Direct Debit payment?
Issues with Direct Debit are quite rare and are usually rectified immediately. Just contact us and we will correct the problem.

Why is there an enrolment fee?
As when you join any school, club or gym there’s a start-up fee. It’s a one-off payment and you never have to pay it again as long as you are with us.

If I decide to, how do I cancel my enrolment and what are the costs to do this?
If you decide you no longer want to be a part of ExitLeft, you need to provide two weeks’ written notice. You should notify ExitLeft as soon as possible, in writing, to begin the cancellation process. Cancellation conditions and fees will depend on your enrolment and payment method.

What happens if I go on holiday or would like some time off at ExitLeft?
An enrolment can be put on hold for up to twelve weeks, and the minimum deferral period is three weeks.

Can I get a refund if I don’t turn up to a class?
Sorry, we do not do refunds on classes. Instead we do not charge for extra rehearsals to prepare for performances. For students taking individual lessons you are able to receive ONE make up per term for solo lessons if notification is provided seven (7) days prior in writing.

Are there any administration fees?
At ExitLeft we keep administration fees to a minimum so you can get the most out of your enrolment with us. Additional administration fees, as charged by Ezidebit (the direct debit company used by ExitLeft) include a $5.50 one-off account set up fee and a weekly account keeping fee which is $0.88 for bank transfers. These are automatically added to your weekly debits. These small fees provide you with the convenience of not having to pay your enrolment fees up front.

How often are payments deducted?
Payments are deducted Monday of every week during term time. Your payments are then paused during the SCHOOL HOLIDAY periods. For lessons that fall on AUSTRALIA DAY, EASTER and ANZAC Day no lessons take place. No charge will be made for these lessons.

What if I already have a credit on my account at ExitLeft?
If you have an existing credit with ExitLeft we will either place a hold on the start date for your payments or adjust the amount down until the credit has been used up.

Do I qualify for direct debit?
Yes! Everyone who has a bank account/credit card qualifies. All you have to do is complete the authorisation form sent to you. You must have a valid email address and mobile phone number.

If you still have questions about the new payment system, please contact us on 6223 1002 or email us at