Welcome to the Academy

Welcome to the ExitLeft Performance Academy. We know we will take your child on a journey through the performing arts to become a creative young adult, make firm friends and develop confident communication skills that will flow through all areas of their life.

What to expect
Classes are noisy and fun. So much so that your child won’t even know they are learning because we teach by stealth. By the end of the year we guarantee your child will have learned a raft of songs, acted their hearts out, and performed all around Hobart. We also use the City of Hobart Eisteddfod and the Australian Music Examination Board Exams as benchmarks for learning. For the first lesson parents and students should come along 10 minutes early so  we can meet you, show you around the studios and give your child their music book. Please factor in travel time and parking (there is limited street parking on Murray Street or you can park in Centrepoint Carpark).

What to wear
In class and rehearsal students will usually wear appropriate comfortable clothing they can move in (please don’t wear dance gear, midriff tops, thongs or inappropriate clothing). Students often come in school uniform which is fine. They bring their music book and a bottle of water. For performances, depending on the type of event, students may be asked to wear the formal ExitLeft performance uniform. Details on the uniform will be available soon. For some events students may also be asked to wear white shirt and black pants, or be costumed out of the ExitLeft costume wardrobe. Students should ensure they have a pair of plain black and a pair of plain white canvas lace up shoes (commonly found at Kmart, Target or Big W for about $6).

One of the things that sets us apart is the amazing performance opportunities Academy students have throughout the year. Performances not only give students a chance to shine but they learn how to be creative on demand, cope with deadlines, and work together to create something magical. We work hard to develop a sense of self-reliance, teamwork and commitment in our students. Part of this is teaching students (and parents) about the importance of rehearsal and performance. Parents often ask how their children can be picked to star at big events. The answer is for the kids to get good at performing. Our most outstanding young performers are the ones who practice their music and scripts at home, come to rehearsals and regularly put their hand up to be part of as many performances as possible.

Ezidebit payment system
Payment for Academy lessons is weekly via the Australia wide Ezidebit direct debit payment system. Enrolment is ongoing from the date of commencement, with drawings made every Monday commencing the first Monday of the week the student starts. Payments will be paused during holiday breaks. At the Academy we don’t normally charge for extra rehearsals or performances because it forms a make-up of any missed lessons throughout the year. Sometimes your child may be asked to be in a special performance or event. The extra rehearsals or performances for this may replace their regularly scheduled class or lessons and the cost is written against esson fees.

How will we contact you
We do our best to ensure parents and students are kept up-to-date with what’s happening and any upcoming performances. To assist with this we send out a weekly electronic newsletter and also include the information on our Academy Students and Parents Facebook Page, and our smartphone app SchoolStream. For urgent information we will also send information via text to your mobile, and for senior students we will send Facebook messages. We recommend split families ensure both parents are signed up to the weekly email and text message services.

How you should contact us
We love to receive a text or an email! If it’s a question about an upcoming performance first check whether the information is not already in our weekly newsletter. If you are calling in sick or stuck in traffic, a text message is the best way to go.