Parents get mad we don’t let them sign up just for solo singing lessons – Here’s why!

Parents get mad we don’t let them sign up just for solo singing lessons – Here’s why!

We get asked this question all the time…

“Can I just do a solo singing lesson without being in the Performance Class?”


We tell them no, and here’s why.

We operate differently, and when you see and hear the results you can understand why we adhere so strictly to this method.

At the Academy, our Performance Classes include a range of vocal technique exercises. These are delivered in a fun and interactive way so students barely notice they’re doing technical work. But they are! And they’re learning it in a way that it becomes an ongoing part of their singing style.

Working with other kids of varying ages and abilities also lets students develop ensemble skills and benefit from learning from their peers. This exposes all our students to a large variety of styles and techniques in a short time frame.

We also find the acting component of our classes helps young singers develop the ability to realistically portray the emotion and story of the songs they are singing. Telling a story is an incredibly important aspect of any vocal performance and bringing the singing and the acting together into one class gives our students an advantage.

Here at ExitLeft we believe very strongly in the importance of learning to sing with others. Music is not an activity to be done in isolation – it is a way of expressing things we often find inexpressible!

We also love teaching solo singing!

With so much of the technical aspects of vocal technique already covered in the performance classes, our teachers can quickly hone in on specific areas needing extra attention for an individual student and then spend time focusing on repertoire.

We’re passionate about what we do and everything has carefully considered educational outcomes supporting our methods. We know these techniques work – we have had so many wonderful young performers come through the Academy and go on to successful careers in music and the performing arts!

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