How do singers blitz the dancing Eisteddfod?

How do singers blitz the dancing Eisteddfod?

This year’s eisteddfod showed it didn’t matter what dance school Exitleft Performance Academy students went to. Our kids showed they could step on stage and perform with confidence in any situation. The way they supported each other, regardless of their dance school was amazing, we are so proud.

Students competed in a variety of dance styles, but the one closest to our hearts is Song and Dance.

We love it. We love working with students on how to best sing a song, how to sell the performance, and how to pitch to a backing track. We even offer options on the best song choice (working with the dance teacher) and sometimes prepare the backing music.

Does it make any difference?

Yes, we believe so.

There were amazing performances by ExitLeft kids who have sung during the past year in our Singing for Performers Classes. Not only did the students who have studied with us win the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Song and Dance Trophies, but we had winning solo performances in the 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 years age groups, and two of ExitLeft’s original students taking 1st and 2nd places in the open section.

The ExitLeft Performance Academy offers tuition in singing, acting and musical theatre for students from Kinder to Grade 12. If you are looking for help with your singing, contact us today on 6223 1002 or If you dance and aren’t already a member of the ExitLeft family, isn’t it time you came along?