ExitLeft’s expansion plans are coming along nicely!

ExitLeft’s expansion plans are coming along nicely!

People have been asking, what are the current plans for ExitLeft, everything seems a bit quiet at the moment?

We have had our heads down doing a lot of behind the scenes work on systemising our programs, testing locations and developing staff training methods in preparation for us to roll out additional studios. In particular we have been working on the active development of our play-based Toddler Tunes music program (as this is something that can have a real benefit to the State if we can role it out everywhere, but you will hear me banging on about the importance of music in early childhood lots).

We are currently looking for the right venue to allow us a permanent space in Kingston, as well as (and this is super exciting) a studio to lease in Glenorchy.

I get parents telling us all the time that they would love their kids to be a part of our program, but getting into the city is hard. So our goal is to make it possible for all Tassie kids to have the opportunity to be part of ExitLeft over the next couple of years.

But what about Theatre? What shows are you putting on everyone asks?

At the moment, apart from the in-house theatre shows we offer for our students, there is no need for ExitLeft to produce a “big show”. There is so much wonderful entertainment being produced that Suzen and I are enjoying supporting everyone else’s wonderful work. This doesn’t mean we won’t produce anything in the future, but it’s all about have the right project at the right time.

I’m very excited about the future, our staff are amazing and we can’t wait to be part of the Glenorchy community.

The ExitLeft Performance Academy offers an outstanding performing arts program that gives students from 0-18 years the skills to shine, make great friends and build confidence in a place that feels like home. www.exitleft.com.au

Image: Senior student Eliza helps one of our Kinder children participate.