If a child studies music constantly over a period of time, they do better in school in all sorts of ways, including academically and socially

Dr Richard Letts, Music Council of Australia


“On Wednesday Millicent had a talent quest at school. She managed to be selected to participate in front of the primary school. She decided to do stand up comedy. I have parents, teachers and her grandparents amazed at what she did, and how amazing she delivered herself to the audience. They couldn’t believe how confident she was on stage and her preparation was just a couple of topics and she went on stage and just delivered it.

Some of the jokes wasn’t that funny. But the kids loved it and she had them all laughing, clapping and cheering.

Kent and I, as her parents are aware of Millie’s ability. However, no one at school knew and even her grandparents weren’t aware. She totally had the teachers  in shock at how well she performed.”


At the ExitLeft Performance Academy we create outgoing, energetic and creative individuals who can succeed in any area they choose. We do this through our outstanding performing arts program that focuses on developing the voice, body and imagination to teach students how to work as a team, develop communication skills and become creative on demand. Students have a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year and can expand their skills through extension classes and personalised lessons in voice and guitar.

Educational studies have consistently shown a correlation between music, social development and academic achievement. Although we do have a high percentage of students moving into Performing Arts careers, our focus is on creating confident creative communicators. Students who study music, drama and performance throughout their school years learn discipline, commitment, teamwork and how to be ‘creative on demand’.

One minute our students are performing on stage at the historic Theatre Royal, the next they are entertaining toddlers at the Botanical Gardens or strutting their stuff at corporate and community events. This variety of performance opportunities gives students the ability to deal confidently with any situation and we find  they go on to consistently achieve high academic results. Studying at ExitLeft provides the best grounding for students to succeed in any career they wish to pursue.

He went from being almost paralysed with fear to coming home grinning from ear to ear saying he loved it so much and can’t wait to do it again