The students come out of class saying they had lots of fun, but are they actually learning anything?

We use humour and teach by stealth. have fun acting at ExitLeft

Our performing arts programs teach confidence by stealth! We use a play-based learning environment where the students often don’t even notice they are learning techniques and skills. Our play-based focus develops creativity, confidence and communication skills. One of the biggest things parents and teachers notice is our students’ ability to jump in and create a confident performance on the spot.

Children learn best through watching each other and learning skills from more experienced performers. Staff model age-appropriate technique for students to follow. Our staff are all experienced singers, actors and musicians who can demonstrate the desired result at a professional level.

Our team handpicks material for each class with an understanding of what the students will need for their level of development. If the material is too easy students will come home saying the class is boring. If it’s too hard they will say they hate it. When the material is perfect, that’s when they come out of class buzzing!

Our values are

  • Build confident creative communicators through performing arts education
  • Provide a safe place where students feel part of the community and are able to let go, play and have fun
  • Identify commercial potential and offer development pathways leading to a career in the industry

The most fun you can have in the school holidays

The best holiday workshops in Hobart

If you’re looking for a fun filled day for your primary school child in the holidays then look no further than ExitLeft’s fairytale theatre holiday programs.

Kids will have a crazy time rehearsing and staging a fairytale version of these classic stories! With age appropriate scripts, music, costumes and activities, they will be learning some of the ExitLeft signature performance skills, making friends and building their confidence. Every child will have a role to play and the best part is that family and friends can come along and watch the performance at 5:15pm.

Conveniently located at our Kingston Studio, the programs run from 9:30am to 5:30pm for just $95, plus early drop off from 8:30am is also available.