About ExitLeft Hobart

The ExitLeft Performance Academy was founded in 2002 to provide young Tasmanians with high-level performing arts training. Principal and founder Ian Williams created a unique program to develop children’s confidence and creativity through singing and acting. Proving hugely popular, the Academy has seen thousands of children benefit over the years.

The Academy has also created a name for itself nationally with advanced students consistently receiving offers into the top-level performing arts courses. Students are known for their high-level performance skills, ability to work in a team, calmness under pressure and being creative on demand.


We have joined toddler tunes exactly 1 yr ago, when Eleanor was 3 and Joe 3 months. It took about 3 sessions for the older one to settle in and since then it has been the highlight of our week. Joe from very early on knew that was the morning of excitement, and wouldnt sleep from 6 until the end of the session, a big stretch for a 3 month old. He has started 'singing' from very early on. Now I bring him to bed at night and usually hear him singing 'we're going up ' or rolling rolling roling just like this. Eleanor's speech and timbre has certainly been positively affected by Tt, For me the morning is great as it gives all something to look forward to and its a full morning outing, including the bus trip there and coffee after with other mums/grandma's.

We love how Ian, Alice and Lucy make the whole session so happy and musical and we hope to grow through the various classes as our kids grow older.


In early 2015 I met with Ian Williams to talk about an idea that I had in relation to providing opportunities for children in the Glenorchy Municipality. Ian immediately offered his support. The All Stars Program is grateful for the ongoing support from ExitLeft Performance Academy. It has been a privilege to see the growth in the children's singing skills, acting skills as well as listening, following directions and how to work as a team in a fun and engaging environment. New friendships, confidence, new skills, sharing ideas and a whole lot of fun!!


He went from being almost paralysed with fear to coming home grinning from ear to ear saying he loved it so much and can’t wait to do it again