A student’s perspective

A student’s perspective

We asked Clancy, one of our senior students for his perspective on being in the Stage School theatre project last year…

“I loved being a part of ExitLeft’s Stage School production of Go Go Beach last year.  I got to work with a bunch of talented young performers and take on the challenge of pushing my singing and acting. As a cast we became close-knit, soon bonding into more than just the cast of a show, we were a genuine ‘GoGo’ family.  When I arrived at rehearsals, I felt a sense of belonging, I felt like a part of a team and I looked forward to every single rehearsal.

Once we got into the nitty gritty of learning our lines and blocking out each scene, Ian really started to push us. His direction challenged us to become the characters, to let go of our inhibitions and to bring everything we could to our roles. At the conclusion of the show, I wondered at how our little band of shy and inexperienced performers had been shaped and developed into a team that demonstrated a real level of professionalism. In the short amount of time that we’d been rehearsing for, every single member of the cast had taken huge steps in their confidence and performance skills.

As one of the lead characters, when I first began rehearsing I found my solo song quite difficult.  I was quite worried that come show time, I wouldn’t be ready to perform it by myself. After hours and hours of practice and Ian’s expert guidance, I started to feel confident about my performance and my skills were forced to develop. They soon improved so much that by the time the show was on I was comfortable and singing all the pieces seemed easy in comparison.

The experience I had during Go Go beach was one I’ll never forget, and the friends and the skills that I made will stay with me just as long.”

The ExitLeft Performance Academy offers an outstanding performing arts program that gives students from 0-18 years the skills to shine, make great friends and build confidence in a place that feels like home. www.exitleft.com.au

Image: Clancy (centre) in the opening scene from the teen musical comedy ‘Go Go Beach’ which performed at the Peacock Theatre in August 2017.